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Warranty, Return and Replacement


Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality.


You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and failure does not amount to a major failure.


All products carry return to base warranty unless otherwise stated. No advance replacement is available.


Yoo’s Technology will cover all of the Warranty Shipping Cost for the order within 30 days period (from pickup date / date received).

For the order over 1 month, Shipping / Insurance fees are paid by the customer when sending goods back to Yoo's technology. Yoo's Technology will pay shipping fees when sending back to the customer.


Shipping cost (both way) will not be covered if warranty goods are found to be without fault, or third party physical / artificial damage(s) found. A $40 per hour troubleshooting fee may apply if warranty goods are found to be without fault.


Proof of purchase is required for any returns. An online return authorisation must be field and approved for any products being sent back to Yoo’s Technology.


Returns of non-faulty items are considered on a case-by-case basis. A minimum 15% restocking fee may apply. Above goods remain the property of Yoo’s Technology until payment has been received in full. Until title passes, Yoo’s Technology can retain, repossess and/or resell all goods.

• Generally, the warranty turnaround time for all products can take up to anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks, heavily dependent on manufacturer or supplier support for the given product(s) at fault. Additionally, discontinued items and certain special products may require longer warranty processing times, which will be determined by the supplier / manufacturer's schedule. Yoo's will endeavor to provide warranty services for our customers in the shortest possible time, where feasible.

• There will be no credit or refund given on the price difference of the ordered items due to price drops once the product has been processed or shipped out. Prices of computer parts are volatile and we do not control the price fluctuations.

• We do not accept any returns of any opened and used products that may breach the health & safety regulations such as headsets, ear pieces and headphones, unless the item is faulty under the warranty terms.

• Yoo’s reserves the title of ownership for any extra or incorrect goods shipped as result of our error. We will arrange any extra shipments to recover these goods, and cover the cost in resolving this issue.


• Warranty must be properly packaged in the condition acceptable by the vendor. (please provide original packaging if possible or adequate safe packaging as insufficient safe packaging that caused physical damage will result in warranty being voided)


• Yoo’s will not be responsible for keeping any warranty returns that are unclaimed or have not been picked up for more than 3 months. Customer must always leave a valid contact detail for warranty.




• Cancellation of orders involving a computer system that is already built, will be charged at least a minimum of 15% restocking fee, we may charge for assemble & disassemble fees based on case-by-case. This is to cover for our time and depreciation of opened goods.

• Cancellation of any order that has all items picked and scanned, that has been either partly or fully paid, will result in a minimum 15% deduction from the total order amount to be refunded, this will be waived if Yoo’s cannot supply the goods due to our own fault/supplier problems.

• Cancellation of specially ordered items (Order Only) that is already ordered at the supplier/confirmed/instock will attract a minimum fee of 15% deducted from the order value/deposit paid. Except if Yoo’s cannot supply the item you ordered, in which case the entire deposit or payment will be refunded to you in full.

• Cancellation must be informed to us 'in writing' as soon as possible by email, any cancellation after a product has been packed and shipped out will result in the customer liable for all shipping and handling charges as well as any cancellation fees that may apply.

• Yoo’s reserve the right to cancel any order that is ready for customer to pickup/for delivery after 3 working days of non payment or non contact by customer.
 Any deposits paid will be forfeited by customer.




• All prices quoted on the website are inclusive of GST, BUT DOES NOT INCLUDE DELIVERY, and is based on payment by either EFTPOS, Money Order or Direct Deposit.

• All products advertised do not include the cost for any installation or troubleshooting compatibility issues. If you require assistance on installation/troubleshooting, this will be charged at our standard labour charge of $50/hour.

• As errors and omissions may occur, pricing, product information and availability is not final until it has been confirmed by Yoo’s staff either by email, phone or in person.

• Yoo’s does not match pricing of the competitors directly because the market price fluctuates with many variables involved. However we are always happy to take a look at the order/quote pricing for you, if you believe there is a pricing discrepancy listed on the Yoo’s website.

• All prices are subject to change without notice. By placing the order, the customer has agreed to pay the prices as listed on the order form at the time the order was originally submitted. However we reserve the right to increase/reduce the price for items that are not in stock (stock with order only status) at the time of ordering as final/latest pricing can only be confirmed at the time of purchase from our supplier. For all other items that are in stock or order that is already completed, the price will remain as is, we will not offer rebate or reimbursement of price differences in this situation.


• All of our advertised prices are already inclusive of GST. We do not sell ex-GST prices to any individuals or businesses.

• We are registered to collect GST on behalf of ATO, our ABN no is 55 639 387 385, GST components (10% Goods and Services Tax) are shown in our invoices.

• You are not required to give your ABN number when purchasing products from us unless you are a Government, Education or Corporate customers.

• We do not sell duty free to anyone including overseas travelers. However, for overseas travelers, you are able to purchase from us and claim back the GST from the customs department before you leave as long as you provide the invoice/receipt and will depart within 30 days from the purchase date.

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